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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only a few hours' drive from London

Facilities and Grounds


We have a fully equipped centre


*Bedrooms to sleep 40 comfortably. 

*Spectacular meeting/Yoga rooms for up to 60 people 12 x 10m (37ft x30ft). 

*Beautiful dining room for up to 50 people with open fire place

*20 bedrooms.

*9 *Elegant shower rooms and bathrooms.

*Huge entrance hall open fire place normally lit to welcome your arrival

*Meditation room.

*Outdoor Covered terrace for outdoor meetings or eating outside, overlooking lake.

*Outside Fire circle to gather round in the evenings by the river

*Conference room.

*Art studio rooms.

*Large 32" LCD TV with UK channels: located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

*Private Cinema to watch DVD's (Blu ray and region-free dvd players) or computer display with large 140 inch (3 meters) screen: located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

*Ipod docking speakers for iphone's portable Radio/CD/Cassette Player. Located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

* x2 A2 Flip charts with paper and pens located on ground floor computer room.

* Powerful Hi Fi  speakers Cd player ipod adaptor for Yoga and dance music located in large attic studio room.

* x 2 Luxury Massage tables located on ground floor Therapy room and attic corridor cupboard.

* x 50 small Light Yoga Mats.Located in attic large studio room cupboards

* x 30 Large thick Yoga mats. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

* x 40 Yoga Blocks. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

* x 15 BackJack Floor Chairs. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

* x 42 Cotton cylindrical yoga bolsters cushions. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

* x 24 Cotton round Yoga floor cushions. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*Well equipped Kitchen.

*Lovely rowing Boat and a windsurfer for the very keen participants!

* 3 Guest PC computers and 2 laptops with Wi-Fi and Broadband which are all free to use. Located on the Ground floor computer room

* 6 Bikes including 2 tandems and an electric bike all for guest to use. Basement please ask Pawel the caretaker for help.

*Hydroelectricity - Old Mill Wheel and canal river which are being renovated to provide hydro electricity for the whole Mill making it a self contained for electricity and having a zero carbon footprint. this is a 2 year project for 2012- 2018 completion. please ask Pawel the caretaker for a tour located in the basement

* Private Minibus up to 16 passengers



  Meeting Room bedroom large Mill Entrance Hall Fire placeDinning Room


We have also added a lovely new out side bedroom in the form of a beautiful Gypsy wagon which people staying at the Mill Retreat Centre can choose if they want, it has a luxurious huge queens size bed inside and a cosy heater, with stained glass window, and is situated just next to the river and lake, it is just so fun to be in, so we think it will be an idyllic option for people who like to be closer to nature. See photos of outside and inside the wagon.





The Mill  Retreat Centre is a spectacular Centre with large 30 acres grounds, a 10 acre lake, and 1 mile of river banks,  with wild wetlands habitat, woodland habitat and river wildlife habitat and lake habitat all combined to providing an extraordinary rich area of plants and wildlife all in one place. The centre has a wonderful grounds to explore and go for walks and relax.


Hydro electricity

We are in the process of being set up using the river and the original Mill works.

See Photos below  of old Mill wheel in the middle of being renovated. 


The vertical axis turbine is inside the metal casing and the sits in the bottom of the large "water room" which is then filled by the river,  a bit lake a huge bath Then the turbine acts like a huge plug hole at the bottom of the water room,  the river siphons through this hole creating high pressure which turns the turbine inside. It is a very sophisticated and well designed system considering it was made over 120 years ago.


Turbine outer casing before renovation


Turbine blades from underneath



Turbine outer casing after renovation





Large 10 acre lake with many rare wild birds, and swans.

2008 there are a pair of beautiful swans and their 3 new signets which have  been born on the lake which is a wonderful treat to see these magnificent birds grow up.



Lake  caption