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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only a few hours' drive from London


Welcome to the Mill Retreat Centre

All travel restrictions to France have now been removed as the UK has been designated as a Green country: So getting to the Mill is now easy again.
 NO COVID requirements or restrictions or vaccinations or anything needed, just your passport!

For latest travel requirement details for France details click here

Please note UK passports need a minimum of 3 months validity before the expiry date to travel to France. 

The Mill Retreat Centre is your own private space, so please think of it has your own home for the duration of your stay. Below is a check list to make your stay at the Mill Retreat Centre more comfortable.   

Address of the Mill Retreat Centre

(Which is located 2 miles north of the local town Aumale on the river Bresle)

Mill Retreat Centre
Moulin de Breteuil



80430 Somme



Google Map link:
Landline Tel. No. of The Mill Retreat Centre in France 0033 (0) 235945008

We wish you a wonderful and peaceful stay at our new retreat Centre
The Mill Retreat Centre is a very special Centre dedicated to groups who work for the good of the world.

Any questions, or if you need more information please email Harriet: or see the Mill website for the latest updates under ‘instructions for staying at the Mill’

Tel. Tel UK: (+44) 7986 701910

Kolinka Zinovieff

and Harriet Joy


Local 7 day weather report for the Mill retreat Centre ( local town is called Aumale)

A Google Map link that you can share with participants to help with directions


**Things to remember to bring:***


Your own towel. (5 Euro fee if you forget and need to use the Mill Retreat Towels.)

Outdoor walking boots or wellingtons and indoor shoes.




Please allocate your bedrooms as you wish, we need at least one week notice to prepare your rooms, you can plan ahead using the online floor plan,  see below or go to and click on ‘About Mill’ and then ‘Floor plans’.

There are 22 Bedrooms, all numbered. All beds are made up with Egyptian cotton sheets, feather and down pillows (hyper-allergenic options) and lovely warm duvets or thick 100% wool blankets if preferred.

4 Single Rooms (first floor, room numbers 10,11,12,13)

9 Double Rooms  1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9, 15,16) Please note, rooms 8, 9,15,16, have a private ensuite shower or can be converted to communal bathrooms please let us know your preference.

5 rooms for up to 4 people:  5, 14,17,18. and 19  (ground floor, room number 19 is ensuite, usually used for cooks but this is flexible)

Two beautiful wagons outside each with a large double bed click for details. no.s 20, 21

*NEW Private self contained barn with two bedrooms sitting room and kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms 23 and 24. It has it's own heating and hot water system & thermostat, plus fridge.

Please note 2nd floor Attic bedrooms do not have curtains or blinds, on the skylights windows as they are too numerous and high up, but all other bedrooms on the 1st floor do have curtains, and we do have night eye sleeping masks if wanted for attic rooms.



Please note, you will be looking after your own bedrooms and bathrooms and the whole Mill Retreat Centre (with the exception of the Kitchen/dining room) for the duration of your stay. i.e the cleaners only come before and after you stay. It will be like your own private home for the duration of your stay. This is so you can create your own special and private space as a group. The caretaker and catering staff will be on hand if you need any extra help with anything.



When you leave please make sure you strip your bed sheets and leave them in the right-hand bathroom on the first floor, opposite room no. 5. Thank you.


Extra bed linen

You can find extra blankets and sheets/linen and spare towels etc, (if you forgot your own 2 Euro fee) in the first floor corridor cupboards next to room 9.

Extra pillows or duvets can be found in the cupboards next to room 8 on the first floor. If any of the cupboards are locked just ask Pawel the caretaker for help. 



The heating will automatically come on at 6.30am and turn off at 10.30pm if needed. You can adjust the temperature on your own individual radiator in your bedroom if the heating is on.

If you need extra heating in your bedroom, you can ask for an electric heater to be put in your bedroom; please ask Pawel the Caretaker.


Hot water

There is plenty of hot water for showers and baths but if your group is above 25 we request you just have showers and not use the bath in order to conserve the hot water.



Ground Floor:  2 Toilets - one by the kitchen and one with a shower in the computer room. 

First Floor:  5 Toilets and 4 shower/bathrooms ( plus 2 private showers in rooms 8 and 9)

Top floor Attic:  3 shower rooms/toilets (2 of them can be converted into either private en-suites for bedrooms 15 and 16 or they can be communal shower rooms. 


Log Fires

The main fire is on the ground floor hallway; it will be lit for you if the weather is cold or if you request it from the caretaker.



The Telephone number for The Mill is 0235945008 or from the UK it is: 0033235945008

You can use this telephone for incoming calls only. If it is used for outgoing calls the group leader will be personally responsible for the cost of these calls using the Mill Landline. The approx cost to call the UK is 40p per minute.

You can use the guest computer Skype phone to call the UK for only 1 pence per minute for outgoing calls.


Computer Wifi Broadband and Internet

Wifi broadband is free.

To access wifi no passwords are needed and it is free to use.


There are 4 Guest PC computers which are free to use by anyone, they have full broadband internet access, as well as a Skype internet phone set up for calls to the UK and rest of the world 


Washing machine

There is a washing machine available for use by guests. It is in the right-hand bathroom on the first floor, opposite room no. 5.



If you are a self-catering group, you should find all the cooking equipment you need in the kitchen. Plates and glasses etc can be found in the dining room cupboards.

See local shops below for food and ingredients.


Cooking and Cooks:

The normal times for meals are 8-9am for breakfast; 1pm for lunch and 8pm for dinner. If you would like your meals served at other times, please discuss this with the Cook in advance.


Tea, coffee, snacks, biscuits, fruit etc will be left out between meals to help yourself.

If you have any requests or special dietary needs, please let the cook know a minimum of one week in advance.

Or if you want extra food left out like bowls of fruit, cakes/ pastries etc please let us know and this can be arranged for a small charge.


The local shops and supermarket are located 1 mile away if you need extra supplies of snacks!  To get there, turn right outside the Mill Retreat Centre and it is the first shop on your left.


Helping the Cooks: please can you help the cooks clear up your plates etc after meals. This would be much appreciated.


Cleaning equipment.

If needed, this can be found in the dining room in the far corner cupboard, and vacuum cleaners etc are in the cupboard on the first floor, next to room 6.



High Definition HD Private Cinema and a Hi Definition HD LCD 32”, DVD, HD PC projector.

DVD Blu Ray Player (region 2 Europe) and a region free DVD Player.

These can be found under the table in the large ground floor meeting room. You will see a projector screen on the wall which can be pulled down.

To connect the TV or cinema you will need to connect up the cables found underneath the table or ask Pawel the Caretaker for help depending on your technical abilities.

The cinema consists of: a HD projector, a region free DVD player,  a screen on the wall and a speaker system, all of which need to be set up and connected.

Facilities and Grounds

We have a fully equipped retreat centre

*Bedrooms to sleep 40 comfortably or up to 50 people max. 

*Spectacular meeting/Yoga rooms for up to 100 people 16m x 10m (50ft x30ft). 

*Beautiful dining room for up to 50 people with open fire place

*24 bedrooms.

*10 Elegant shower rooms and bathrooms.

*Huge entrance hall open fire place normally lit to welcome your arrival

*Meditation room.

*Outdoor Covered terrace for outdoor meetings or eating outside, overlooking lake.

*Outside Fire circle to gather round in the evenings by the river

*Conference room.

*Art studio rooms.

*Large 32" LCD TV with UK channels: located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

*Private Cinema to watch DVD's (Blu ray and region-free dvd players) or computer display with large 140 inch (3 meters) screen: located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

*Ipod docking speakers for iphone's 4 , 5 and 6, portable Radio/CD/Cassette Player. Located on ground floor large meeting room under table.

*2 A2 Flip charts with paper and pens located on ground floor computer room.

*Powerful Hi Fi  speakers Cd player ipod adaptor for Yoga and dance music located in large attic studio room.

*2 Luxury Massage tables located on ground floor Therapy room and attic corridor cupboard.

*50 small Light Yoga Mats.Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*20 Large thick Yoga mats. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*40 Yoga Blocks. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*15 BackJack Floor Chairs. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*24 Cotton round Yoga floor cushions. Located in attic large studio room cupboards

*Well equipped Kitchen.

*Lovely rowing Boat and a windsurfer for the very keen participants!

*5 Guest PC computers and 2 laptops with Wi-Fi and Broadband which are all free to use. Located on the Ground floor computer room

*6 Bikes including 2 tandems and an electric bike all for guest to use. Basement please ask Pawel the caretaker for help.

*Hydroelectricity - Old Mill Wheel and canal river which are being renovated to provide hydro electricity for the whole Mill making it a self contained for electricity and having a zero carbon footprint. this is a 2 year project for 2012- 2018 completion. please ask Pawel the caretaker for a tour located in the basement

*Private Minibus for up to 16 passengers

*NEW Optional Private self-contained barn with two bedrooms 23 and 24, sitting room and kitchen and bathroom. For group leaders or people who need privacy, surcharge for use.

*Electric car charging point 7kw Type 2 socket. Approx cost 25c (22p) per kw this will vary. (available mid April 2023)


Walks around the grounds and boat

The Mill Retreat Centre grounds (approx. 30 acres) are a wonderful place to go for walks.

You can go around the lake: approx 20 minute walk.

You can take the riverside wood walk: approx 40 minutes

Or have a wonderful time exploring the whole grounds, approx 1 or 2 hours.

See plans of grounds for guidance.


Please help yourself to the rowing boat in the lake; there are life jackets if you feel you need them,  please ask the caretaker. Please note that you are fully responsible for your own and your groups safety.


There are also some bicycles ( 2 mens mountain bikes, 1 tandem bike for 2,  and 1 electric bike, and a table-tennis table available in the basement. Please ask Pawel the Caretaker for details.


Hydro electric project

Hydro-electricity – The old Mill Wheel and canal which runs under the Mill Retreat Centre are being renovated to provide hydro-electricity for the whole Mill, making it self-contained for electricity, thereby having a zero carbon footprint. This is a large and exciting 2-year project. 


Electrical equipment and adaptors

The Voltage is 240v, the same as the UK and all rooms have UK to French electrical plug adaptors.

There are about 5 USA to France 110 to 240 v transformers,

and 5 hairdryers

Please ask the caretaker or they will be left out in the entrance hall


Local area and shops

The Local town is called Aumale and it is approx 1 mile away.

It has a full range of shops from chemists, food shops, bakeries, electrical, mechanics etc.


Please note shops are closed on Mondays either all day or mornings and most shops close for two hours during lunch.


The local supermarket is only 1 mile away, if you turn right out of the Mill retreat Centre it is located 1 mile on your left on the same road.

Local Supermarket: Intermarche
2 miles from The Mill Retreat Centre opening times and details

Tel. : 02 35 94 04 24

Opening hours: 

Monday : 09h00-12h30 et 14h00-19h15
Tuesday: 09h00-12h30 et 14h00-19h15
Wednesday 09h00-12h30 et 14h00-19h15
Thursday           09h00-19h15
Friday : 09h00-19h30
Saturday : 09h00-19h15
Sunday : 09h15-12h15


Aumale has a very picturesque town centre with a famous Gothic church. It is one of the oldest and prettiest churches to be found in the whole of Northern France.

Tourist board information ( they speak English) for activities, hotels and B&B's and restaurants and longer walks etc


Tel. 0033 (0) .68 Fax: 0033 (0) .68


hours Winter: 10:30 with 12:00 Summer: 10:30 with 12:00 and of 15:30 to 18:00

Fire Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please choose two people from your group to be "Fire and safety leaders" and get them to familiarise themselves with the Mill Retreat Centre layout and fire equipment and exits.


All exits have illuminated signs above the door saying:

Sortie or Sortie de Secours  

If you discover a fire:

Please immediately inform one of the designated volunteer fire officers

Immediately make your way to the fire meeting point located outside, at the front of the main front door of the Retreat Centre. Please assist others in doing so if required and leave your belongings behind

If possible please activate the fire alarm using one of the red fire alarm boxes (Alarme Incendie) either on

the ground floor main entrance hall x1 by the dinning room door  

on the first floor corridor x2

To activate the red fire alarm box (Alarme Incemdie), lift the plastic cover and firmly press the white area marked “ICI”.


When it is safe to re-enter the building, you will be informed by a member of The Mill Retreat’s staff.


River and Lake safety at the Mill  Retreat Centre

The river, La Bresle pronounced (La Brell), and the canal which run through the garden are fast flowing but not very deep. However when it has been raining, they become deeper and faster flowing.

Life Jackets and the Lake

Please note that individuals are responsible for their own safety.

You are welcome to swim in and row on the lake - one of the many treats of being here.

Please note that individuals are responsible for their own safety.

There are life jackets stored in the computer room cupboard for use when rowing on the lake Please ask the Caretaker if you need them.