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Beautiful peaceful centre with
spectacular lake and rivers
... Only a few hours' drive from London

Testimonials and Feedback

It was MAGNIFICENT. We could not be happier. The retreat is breathtaking and so well facilitated, David and Karen were AMAZING (we were rather tempted to kidnap them and take them home with us) Pavel and his wife were lovely and very attentive. 

Gemelle and Kolinka, thank you so much for all of your hard work and for creating the most beautiful space in which retreats like this can change lives. I'm confident this is the start of a relationship that will hopefully last for many years to come. 

Thanks again and speak soon, 

Kind Regards

"The Retreat was highly successful all round. We really do feel the Mill Centre is second-to-none for providing a conducive space to do the transformational inner work we all came to their to do. I can honestly say the space is perfect for retreats. It was always warm and everyone was very comfortable, the large attic room served as our yoga room and it holds a beautiful energy. The lounge fire served as a focal point for all the retreatants to gather round in between sessions, and Pawel  the caretaker was great, never intruding but always there if needed. The coach journey from and returning to Southampton all went really smoothly also thanks to Pawel.

This was our second retreat at the Mill Centre and we will be back again,..... We don't feel any need to look any further for the perfect space, we've found it!

So a huge thank you for organising everything for us.

With much gratitude and well wishes".


ps I genuinely can't think of anything that needs improving, for how we used the space, it appears you've already thought of everything!



The retreat was perfect. 10/10. 5 stars!

I have been to many places over the years but the mill was perfect. Usually there are at least 1 or two issues but we had none. 

The cooking was superb and the open fire everyday was lovely. The house was warm and the studio beautiful as were the surroundings.

It was easy to get to and the minibus journey was so easy both there and on the return journey.

I'd like to book in for  next year...... Everyone had a great time and were very relaxed afterwards.  Please send our heartfelt thanks to Julie and Pawel for looking after us so well. And also to you for helping to organise the event. With kind regards, Karen 

 I especially wanted to say that the cooking was really stunning!


 Photo Album from a Gurdjieff Seminar please click here


Padmapriya Dakini 

............ was we must do this again. 

Some had not experienced vegetarian food before but where amazed by the Mill retreat centers  cooking.

There are some photos I took here. 



For a full feedback report and photos from a group that stayed at the Mill  Click here


We had a lovely time at the Retreat Centre! It surpassed all our expectations and is a truly beautiful and loved space.


Pavel was very friendly and helpful. He made us a fire and took the group into town for the market. He was on hand to change the cooking gas and explain the local area.

The kitchen was very well stocked with equipment, and the rooms were beautiful and clean. It was also great to have a powerful shower after a long days work. 


The students and teachers thought the upstairs work space was perfect for teaching. We were all very inspired by the garden and nature.


Thanks so much for your help in planning and your attention to detail of the facilities.


We very much look forward to staying at the Retreat Centre again in the near future.


Best wishes,





The Mill Retreat centre provided such a perfect environment for rest and retreat.  All the rooms so suitably laid out and provided such a perfect atmosphere for tranquillity and peace.  The grounds are so lovely and gave us all a great opportunity to avail of the natural beauty surrounding the Mill Retreat.


Thanks so much for this place.  We loved it.  We would certainly recommend it.



Have a great summer.








The Mill Retreat Centre is a slice of heaven on earth.  We had the most wonderful and moving time there and everything about the place – the grounds, the building, the warm, non-intrusive hospitality of Pavel, the cooks magnificent cooking facilitated the work we were trying to do.  We touched very deep levels and also had lots of fun.  We will definitely come back and I will recommend it as widely as possible.

'Claire Henderson Davis'

The Mill is such a beautiful, tranquil  place and I've had such a wonderful time there.   I felt at home instantly and the feeling of warmth and family pervaded the whole atmosphere throughout the retreat.   A heartfelt thankyou for all the energy you have put into it.   Angels are certainly at work!! 

lots of love


I thought I would say a brief few words of thanks for an amazing weekend. creating that harmony of energy which was amplified by the natural energy of the mill and its surroundings.  It is a peaceful setting and conducive to getting linked back to Mother Earth, something we all should do more.


Your vision at the mill has been inspirational and as the months and years pass by and the mill comes back to life and gets busier, you will realise just how important your foresight was.


The retreat at the mill was a pretty impressive experience for me as I'm sure it was for everyone......

We had the most amazing time at the Mill Retreat Centre. We went swimming in the lake loads and the water is so beautiful. Its just gorgeous and if I was you I would swim every day!
Everyone send their wishes to you and passes on what a lovely place you have made and how lovely you are.
Well, many thanks from all and I hope the Mill finds many more customers.

I just want to say- what a meticulously beautiful space, and what accomplished and considered facilities you offer+ great web site. Long may you thrive!


To see some Video testimonials from Louise Langley

Dear Kolinka,


We had a fantastic weekend! I think none of us wanted to leave come Sunday. The facilities were excellent, everything we needed was available and Pawel was brilliant & extremely helpful throughout our stay (please pass on our thanks). We all would definitely recommend the centre, and if we ever do something similar I’m sure it will be high on our list of venues.


Thank you once again,

Joel & the rest of Peace Direct.
May-  Heather George Yoga Retreat at the Mill Retreat Centre artilce written on the Om magazine click here for details

This is a marvellous place to be for a yoga retreat :-) Our retreat was very nice.
We enjoyed it a lot. the cooks.... were so kind and nice with us, and the food was sooooo good. 
..............The rooms are so nice. 
Thanks !

Catering Feedback 

“our cook  made excellent food”  

“Some had not experienced vegetarian food before but where amazed by the Mill Retreat Centers .....' cooking”  Padmapriya Dakini

“The cooks ..... magnificent cooking facilitated the work we were trying to do” Claire Henderson Davis

 The cooks..... were so kind and nice with us, and the food was sooooo good. 

“The Retreat Centre is wonderful. Really enjoyed the grounds and facilities. The food was amazing!  were wonderful.”

“The catering was amazing. A big thank you to .... the cooks.”


“The food, ... the cooks were charming and really added – the experience, Pawel also was a lovely presence (not forgetting Otter the dog!)”